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The most convenient method of getting quotes is to simply begin scheduling your reservation below. We won't ask for any personally identifiable information until after you have the vehicle types and pricing for your desired trip.

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The most convenient method of scheduling your reservation is online, by simply checking our vehicle types and pricing below. If we have what you're looking for, simply submit your completed reservation and we'll take care of you from there.

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Booking Instructions & Terms of Service

IMPORTANT: Our regular clients love the reliability, safety, and fairness of our service offerings, because our policies are based on mutual respect and consideration of your needs and ours. Our policies are designed to protect you and your assigned driver and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts of interest.

By booking a reservation with us and providing us with your credit card information, you certify that you agree to our Terms of Service.

If you encounter questions or difficulties with the reservation module, please see the detailed instructions at the bottom of this page.

Please note that by booking a reservation, online or by phone, you indicate your acceptance of the following terms:

  • You authorize us to charge your credit card for the fares, fees, surcharges, deposits, and/or cancellation charges association with your confirmed reservation in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. If you have any concerns or disputes, you agree to let us help you resolve them before you call your bank or credit card with a chargeback. If you provide us with an invalid credit card # or one that is declined when charged after the ride is concluded, you will provide us with another.
  • All reservations are subject to a $24 Non-refundable booking and handling (admin) charge.
  • Any cancellations must be made by calling (435) 200-3186. We cannot honor e-mail cancellations due to the possibility that we might not receive or see the e-mail.
  • Cancellations on confirmed reservations made prior to 24 hours before scheduled Pickup time will incur no additional charges above the $24 booking and handling charge.
  • Cancellations on confirmed reservations made between 2 hours and 24 hours before scheduled Pickup time are subject to a Cancellation fee of $100 including the $24 fee.
  • Cancellations on confirmed reservations made any time after 2 hours before scheduled Pickup time will be charged in full as if the ride was fulfilled per the reservation.

Please note the following as you book your reservation online:

  1. Select "From Airport," "To Airport," or "Hourly/As Directed" for the Service Type.
  2. If you enter known addresses, zip codes or recognized place names, then your fare quote should be exact before gratuity IF YOU COMPLETE YOUR RESERVATION. Because we use dynamic pricing (similar to airlines) based on availability and other conditions subject to change at any time, the prices you see now may not be available at a later time. If no price is given, complete the reservation and we will send a confirmation with the correct pricing and you will have a chance to cancel without charge within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation.
  3. If you enter the name of cities or broader areas, then any quote will be an estimate and you will receive pricing as detailed above. If the system does not provide fare quotes, try selecting a recognized location from the drop-down that appears below the location entry space.
  4. On Hourly as Directed rides, click on the + or 1 to get the desired number of hours. Remember to add time for Garage-to-Pickup and Drop-off-to-Garage in order to get an accurate estimate. Since the system does not allow you to enter half-hours, please be aware that our Hourly rides have a 1.5 hour minimum per leg, so we will change any 1 hour rides requested to 1.5 hours. We count the Garage as the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC).
  5. Designate the number of Passengers in order to be shown the available vehicles that support that number of passengers. Specify the number of checked bags (not carry-ons) to help us estimate the amount of time to allow for luggage handling. We charge by the ride, not by the number of passengers or amount of checked luggage.
  6. When entering places, you can enter airport codes (e.g. SLC for Salt Lake City), place names (e.g. Montage Deer Valley), or addresses.  Wait for the drop-down to appear and then select the appropriate place or address.
  7. You will get quotes by vehicle type before you need to enter your credit card information and confirm booking. Please note that fares quoted do not include the standard 20% gratuity, which we will charge to your card for your convenience unless you tip adequately in cash or notify us of a defect in service, in which case the drivers are aware that our policy is to refuse any gratuity we didn't earn with excellent service.
  8. After you've finished filling in the form and have submitted your reservation, we will review your request and assign a vehicle and driver. You will get initial confirmations that we have received your request and will assign a vehicle as requested and a driver. You will receive a final confirmation email once we have scheduled your service. In the extremely unlikely event that we are unable to honor your request or provide a complementary upgrade in service, we will call or e-mail you and suggest alternatives.
  9. We look forward to serving you!