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Our Private Car Services for Park City

Offerings customized for a discerning clientele.

If you’re looking for reliable, safe, luxury Park City transportation, you’ve found it with Utah Private Car.

Park City Transportation

Utah Private Car is the premiere provider of luxury transportation for Park City residents and guests.

We cater to skiers, wedding parties, Sundance, celebrities, business travelers, and VIPs like you. We’ll make you glad you chose Utah Private Car for all your Park City transportation needs.

Point - to - Point Luxury Rides

Wherever you’re going, we’ll take you point-to-point in safety, comfort, & style. If you need rides to:

  • Ski resorts
  • Your hotel
  • Meetings
  • Main Street
  • sightseeing
  • snowmobiling
  • tubing
  • hiking

We’ll get you there safely and on time, for the price you reserved. First time, every time. Trust Utah Private Car for reliable, safe, enjoyable, door-to-door luxury rides.

Private Chauffeur Luxury Tours

Why not see some of Utah’s incredible beauty while you’re here in Park City?

Whether you have a few hours, a few days or even a week, let us show you the sights most never see. Our customized luxury SUV tours of Utah are just what you’re looking for.

SLC Airport Transportation

Why take chances? Relying on Uber has cost some over $1,500. The taxi line at SLC is like a lottery ticket, since fares to Park City are unregulated. Worse, if you’re not careful, you’ll get an unsafe winter car without All-Wheel-Drive (AWD).

Instead, trust Utah Private Car to deliver:

  • Guaranteed fares
  • A professional chauffeur waiting for you when you arrive at the airport, even if your flight is delayed, and
  • a safe luxury ride in an SUV with AWD.

Our Promises

We take reliable service seriously.

We promise to do everything within our power to deliver quality service – the first time and every time you book with Utah Private Car.

Acclaimed Service

Expect reliability with Utah Private Car. Guaranteed. We strive for perfection with:

  • Punctuality
  • Helpful communications that ensure your peace of mind
  • Expert drivers who know the best routes
  • Scrupulously maintained vehicles
  • Fair Fares
  • Help with your bags
  • Proactive anticipation of your needs
  • Responsive attention to your desires
  • No mandatory gratuities

Note: At Utah Private Car, we believe that tips are a generous expression of appreciation when we meet or exceed your expectations. If you tip in cash, we do not add a gratuity to your card. If you'd rather not carry cash or worry about tipping, we'll simply add an industry-standard 20% gratuity to your card for you when we charge the ride.

If, on the other hand, we fail to measure up to your expectations, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will hold ourselves accountable and make things right for you. We never want to charge you for a tip we don't deserve.

Utah Private Car Vehicles Tesla Escalade SUV Sprinter
The Vehicles You Want & Need

Utah Private Car can provide luxury vehicles and chauffeurs to meet the needs and desires of almost everyone, from seasoned executive travelers to celebrities to discerning vacationers to wedding parties to NBA All-Stars and referrees. We have:

  • Black car sedan (such as Genesis G90)
  • Luxury Sedan (Mercedes-Benz S-class sedan)
  • Elite Sedan (Mercedes-Benz S-class Maybach sedan)
  • Full-size SUV (Chevrolet Suburban LT or Ford Expedition Max)
  • Luxury SUV (Lincoln Navigator L Reserve or Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum)
  • Electric SUV (Tesla Model X) 
  • High-top Passenger Van (Ford Transit Van)
  • High-top Luxury Van (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van)

All vehicles are inspected, licensed, and well-insured.

Ride in style with the discretely available amenities you might need in all vehicles:

  • leather seats
  • climate control
  • charging ports
  • bottled water, and
  • AWD and snow tires during winter season

Other amenities available upon request or specific to vehicle

NOTE: Please notify us if you will be traveling with children under 8 so we can provide the child safety seats as mandated by law in Utah.

chauffeur service private car service SUV
Chauffeurs You'll Love

Treat yourself to the indulgence of a professionally trained and certified chauffeur, whose primary concern during your trip will be your safety, comfort, convenience, and privacy.

That's because all our chauffeurs are:

  • hand-picked from among the best in Utah
  • experienced and highly rated
  • consistently on time
  • knowledgeable and friendly
  • certified and credentialed
  • cleared for an airport badge, with thorough fingerprint background checks


Our Vehicles

We care for our vehicles like we care for your safety and ours.

Utah Private Car has a wide range of vehicles to meet your needs. Our fleet offers the safety and style that fits Park City perfectly. Higher capacities also available for wedding parties.

Executive Town Car
BLACK Car Sedan
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Smoke-free Climate Control
  • Premium Sound System
  • Charging Ports for Apple and Android
  • Fiji Water & Drink holders

  • Black Leather seats
  • Seats up to 3 with luggage

  • All-wheel Drive (AWD / 4x4) and Winter Tires, as required for Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
  • Seat belts for up to 3 passengers besides driver
  • Front / Side Air Bags
  • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

The Executive-grade Black Car Sedan is our high-value offering for individuals and couples.

We reserve the right to substitute a more expensive vehicle type, e.g. SUV or EV or an upgraded sedan) if necessitated by logistical considerations.

Tesla Model X
Tesla SUV
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Smoke-free Climate Control
  • Premium Sound System
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • All-wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Hospital-grade HEPA Biohazard air circulation and conditioning
  • Easy access Falcon-wing doors
  • Spacious rear and frunk for luggage
  • Fiji water
  • Other amenities available upon request

  • Black Leather seats
  • Spacious legroom
  • Seats up to 3 with luggage

  • All-wheel Drive (AWD / 4x4) and winter tires, as required for Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
  • Radar, cameras, extensive driver notifications, adaptive cruise control, steering assist, and collision mitigation combine to make the Tesla Model X the safest vehicle on the road according to government tests
  • Seat belts for up to 3 passengers besides driver
  • Front / Side Air Bags
  • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

The Tesla Model X Luxury SUV is our finest offering for individuals and couples who want the quiet performance and environmentally friendly choice provided by a Tesla.

We will not make substitutions for this vehicle type without your approval. It is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Executive Town Car
Luxury Sedan
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Superior engineering providing the smoothest ride in its class
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Ambient lighting
  • Smoke-free climate control
  • Premium sound system
  • Charging Ports for Apple and Android
  • Fiji Water & Drink holders

  • Meticulously crafted black leather seats
  • Seats up to 3 with luggage comfortably

  • All-wheel Drive (AWD / 4x4) and winter tires as required to reach Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
  • Seat belts for up to 3 passengers besides driver
  • Front / Side Air Bags
  • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

The Mercedes-Benz S-class Sedan is our luxury offering for individuals and couples desiring elegance and excellence.

The Mercedes-Benz S550 Maybach is the flagship of our fleet.
Mercedes Maybach
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Interior: Ultra-Quiet, Ultra Comfortable
  • The expressive S-Class interior fuses renowned Mercedes attention to function with a heightened sense of craftsmanship. Ride comfort, spaciousness and ease of use meet the highest standards of discerning customers. The coordinated use of materials and colors yields an interior seemingly cast from a single mold.

    There is generous use of wood trim - especially in the dashboard and center console.

  • On the Big Screens
  • Two 12.3-inch high-resolution TFT color displays in 8:3 format form the information center in the S-Class. The left-hand display performs the functions of the previous instrument cluster, providing the driver with all relevant vehicle information. The right-hand display allows the convenient control of infotainment and comfort functions through the COMAND® with Navigation system. The setup groups controls and display functions in a coherent manner in terms of both design and functionality.

    The COMAND® central controller falls naturally to hand, teaming a touchpad with a rotary knob and one-touch keys for major functions. The touchpad responds to a variety of finger motions, including swipe, pinch and even handwriting. Carousel- style on-screen menus mimic the movement of the rotary knob, making adjustment of the car's features logical and easy.

    Apart from the new displays, the metallized switch surfaces and solid aluminum controls are visual highlights of particularly high quality. Each individual control has the sound, feel and attention to detail that sets a Mercedes-Benz apart.

    Using the Enhanced Voice Control System, the driver can enter complete addresses in one shot. The telephone and audio systems can also be voice- controlled, and the system can read text messages (SMS) or emails aloud.

  • Mobile Concert Hall
  • The new S-Class debuted a new generation multimedia system offering intuitive operation and special visualization and animation features. The multi-user system allows independent access to entertainment media sources from any seat.

    The innovative Frontbass system that Mercedes-Benz debuted on the SL coupe/roadster is used with all S-Class audio systems. With Frontbass, the woofers are housed in the firewall and use the space in the cross-member and side member as a resonance chamber. Conventional woofers in the doors are therefore unnecessary. The higher location of mid-range speakers in the doors improves the soundscape and also allows additional stowage space in the doors.

    Germany's Burmester®, one of the most respected makers of handcrafted high-end home audio, developed the surround-sound systems not only tailored to the S- Class, but worthy of it. The standard system, with 13 speakers and a 590-watt 9- channel digital amplifier, fills the cabin with pure digital surround sound while seamlessly compensating for ambient noise. Exquisitely detailed aluminum speaker grilles are as rewarding to the eyes as the system's output is to discerning ears.

    Engineered to be the pinnacle of mobile high-end audio, the available Burmester® 3D system (standard on some models) combines a 1,520- watt amp and total of 24 speakers, including a trunk-mounted subwoofer with its own 400-watt amp, ceiling- mounted surround speakers and rotating, illuminated tweeters. Adjustments include four preset listening modes.

  • Seats: Ultimate Comfort and Mobile Office Capability
  • The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has long been a benchmark of premium seating comfort, and the new-generation model certainly continues that tradition. Mercedes was first with seat-shaped power seat controls more than three decades ago, and the feature has been widely copied.

    The latest version in the new-generation S-Class appears like sculptures cast into the door panel trim. These control the standard 16-way power adjustment, including cushion length and 4-way power lumbar support. A memory system for each front seat recalls three stored seat positions with the touch of a button. The driver-seat memory also includes the power steering column and side mirror positions. Standard heating with automatic timed step-down adds soothing, controlled comfort in cool weather.

    The available Premium Package adds the ultimate in seat ventilation and massage. The ENERGIZING massage function is based on the hot-stone principle and was a world first. This unique function uses 14 separately actuated air cushions in the backrest, as well as an integrated warming function. The choice of six massage programs includes two using the warming function, and this feature is also available for the rear seats.

    In another first, the active seat ventilation system uses reversing fans. When the ventilation function starts, cooler surrounding air is first drawn onto the seat surface. This enables the surface temperature of a heated-up seat to be reduced much faster than with previous active cooling systems. After four minutes, the fans are automatically switched to blower mode to reduce drafts.

    The S-Class line offers a choice of four different rear seat types. Unlike the conventional trailing backrest design, the S-Class reclining rear backrest is adjusted separately so that the legroom and seat cushion remain unchanged. The cushion can be separately adjusted for angle and horizontal position.

    The maximum backrest angle of the Executive Rear Seat Package behind the front passenger seat is 43.5 degrees, the best in the luxury segment. The reclining seat features a calf support, which is freely adjustable for length and angle. In combination with the heel rest on the folding chauffeur seat at the front and an additional comfort cushion, this feature allows outstanding resting comfort.

    Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS includes a rear center console that is visually continued from the front console. It is equipped with thermo cup holders that use Peltier technology to cool or warm drinks. The center console is also equipped with two tables that can be easily folded in or out using one hand.

  • Climate Control with a Bonus
  • The tradition of the S-Class introducing new technologies and features continues with the latest advances in cabin climate control. Mercedes focused on enhancing all aspects, including precision temperature regulation, further noise reduction and added comfort.

    The automatic climate control in the rear offers two additional zones, and electric heating of the armrests and center consoles is the kind of feature that sets trends in the luxury category. The S-Class also introduced the AIR-BALANCE package that combines even more efficient ionization and filtration compared with the standard model, along with perfume atomization when desired.

    The active perfuming system was a world first and demonstrates the brand’s deep understanding of the premium luxury customers. The perfume atomization system individualizes the scent of the vehicle interior. The driver or passenger has full control, switching the system on and off at will and also adjusting the intensity manually. Crucially, the fragrance is discreet and mild and dissipates rapidly; the system neither changes the interior scent permanently, and the perfume molecules are not deposited on fabric surfaces or clothing.

  • Body: Foundation for Safety
  • The S-Class body structure and safety passenger cell use a combination of aluminum and high-strength steels, while the entire outer skin is made from aluminum. The high percentage of aluminum is possible thanks to the use of a complete range of semi-finished products (casting, extrusion, sheet metal).

  • MAGIC BODY CONTROL®: The First Suspension System with "Eyes"
  • The S-Class has long been a benchmark for balancing ride comfort with agility. AIRMATIC full air suspension system, which debuted on the S-Class 15 years ago, has been further refined with each new generation. On the S-Class, standard equipment includes the continuously operating Adaptive Damping System (ADS® PLUS) and an enhanced version of the AIRMATIC® full air suspension system.

    The new ultimate, however is the optional MAGIC BODY CONTROL®, which made the S-Class the world's first car to use ROAD SURACE SCAN to detect road bumps on the road ahead and adjust the suspension in advance to handle them. The system receives input from the same stereo camera that facilitates the car’s numerous Intelligent Drive features. To the driver and passengers, the result will feel as if magic is at work, with the car’s smooth demeanor negating the bumps the eyes see ahead.

  • Intelligent Drive: Merging Safety and Comfort
  • The Mercedes S-Class has for decades been not only a benchmark for the luxury category, but also a touchstone for the auto industry as a whole. Many safety technologies and luxury features debuted on S-Class models and were then adopted in other Mercedes models, as well as other brands’ vehicles.

    Mercedes-Benz paved the foundation of the road toward autonomous mobility with technologies such as PRE-SAFE® and DISTRONIC PLUS®, which merged safety and convenience. The current E-Class Sedan and Wagon introduced an array of additional technologies, among them DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist, that the company calls Intelligent Drive, and these have been refined for the new- generation S-Class. The new functions rely on a stereo camera together with multistage radar sensors.

    A key factor is the networking of all systems, which safety experts call "sensor fusion." The aim is to ensure comprehensive protection, not just for the occupants of a Mercedes-Benz, but for other road users, too.

    The support functions range from assisting the driver and therefore increasing comfort, to issuing visual, acoustic and/or tactile warning signals, to boosting the driver's reactions. Some systems are even able to take corrective action in an emergency, such as autonomous application of the brakes to prevent an accident or lessen its severity. Here, a summary of the new assistance systems and those with notably enhanced functionality:

    • COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS (standard): Radar-based technology alerts the driver if when approaching a vehicle ahead, or even some stationary objects, at a speed and distance that suggest a collision is likely. As soon as the driver starts to brake, Adaptive Brake Assist automatically provides the ideal level of braking, to help prevent a collision or reduce its severity. The system can also initiate braking automatically from speeds up to 65 mph, and even activate the features of PRE-SAFE® if deemed necessary.
    • DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist provides steering input to help keep the vehicle centered in the lane. Using the stereo camera, the Brake Assist system BAS® PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist is able to detect crossing traffic and pedestrians too, and to boost the braking power applied by the driver accordingly. If the lane markings are broken lines, Active Lane Keeping Assist can detect when the adjacent lane is occupied, especially by oncoming traffic, and reduce the risk of the vehicle leaving its lane unintentionally by applying the brakes on one side.
    • Adaptive Highbeam Assist allows the high-beam headlamps to be kept on permanently without dazzling traffic by masking out other vehicles in the beams' cone of light.
    • Night View Assist® PLUS was further improved and supplemented by a thermal imaging camera. Night View Assist PLUS can alert the driver to pedestrians or animals in unlit areas in front of the vehicle by automatically switching from the speedometer to a crystal-sharp night view image and highlighting the sources of potential danger. A spotlight function can flash pedestrians detected -- attracting the driver’s attention at the same time as warning the pedestrian.
    • ATTENTION ASSIST® creates a driver profile within the first 20 minutes of a drive and can then warn of inattentiveness and drowsiness in an extended speed range. It can also notify the driver of current state of fatigue and the driving time since the last break and indicate nearby service areas in the COMAND navigation system.
  • Extended PRE-SAFE® protection:
  • A decade ago, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the groundbreaking PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system in the S-Class. Mercedes has been refining the technology since then and increased its capability for the new- generation S-Class. The new PRE-SAFE® functions can help to prevent collisions with pedestrians and vehicles in front in city traffic, help mitigate dangerous situations caused by traffic behind and enhance the protection offered by the seat belts.

    • The PRE-SAFE® Brake can also detect pedestrians and initiate autonomous braking to avoid a collision at speeds up to 31 mph.
    • PRE-SAFE® PLUS can recognize an imminent rear-end collision and can also firmly apply the stationary vehicle's brakes and thus minimize the risk of whiplash injuries by reducing the forward jolt caused by the impact. This action can also help reduce the risk of secondary accidents. Immediately before impact, the PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection measures, including the reversible belt tensioners, are deployed.
    • PRE-SAFE® Impulse will release tension on the occupants’ seat belts in a controlled manner to reduce the amount of pressure on the body. This can substantially reduce the risk and severity of injuries in a frontal collision.
  • Setting the Standard for Rear Passenger Safety
  • Mercedes-Benz has extended the safety system for rear seat passengers further with the seat belt buckle extender, the beltbag and the cushionbag. The first two of these developments are included in the optional Rear Seat Package.” With the illuminated seat belt buckle extender, an electric motor extends and retracts the belt buckle automatically. In this way, any belt slack in the area of the pelvis and thorax can be reduced so that passengers are secured more firmly.

    The beltbag is an inflatable seat-belt strap that is able to reduce the risk of injury to passengers in the rear in a head-on collision by lessening the strain placed on the ribcage. The Executive Rear Seat Package and Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS are equipped with a cushionbag under the seat cushion upholstery as standard. When the seat is reclined, it prevents the occupant from sliding beneath the seat belt (“submarining”) in an accident. This has enabled Mercedes-Benz to design a comfortable reclining seat that provides a higher level of accident safety than a seat with a trailing backrest.

"A Mercedes-Maybach is what celebrities or royalty might choose to be chauffeured in." - Car & Driver Magazine

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach is one of the finest luxury vehicles available for hire in Utah, perfect for making a definitive statement of high-class elegance, not to mention luxurious comfort and style.

This luxury sedan is in a class by itself.

This is one of the most popular vehicles in Utah during the Sundance Film Festival, so call us to confirm availability of this first-come/first-served luxury classic.

"Words such as "sumptuous" and "lavish" don't properly illustrate how luxurious the palatial Mercedes-Maybach S-class truly is." - Car & Driver Magazine

Full-size SUV Suburban
Full-size SUV
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Smoke-free Climate Control
  • Premium Sound System
  • All-wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Charging Ports for Apple and Android
  • Fiji Water & Drink holders

  • Black Leather seats
  • Spacious legroom
  • Seats up to 5 with luggage comfortably; we will dispatch a model with captains chairs in the center row for groups of 5 or fewer
  • Seats up to 7 if you don't mind crowding a bit; we will dispatch a model with bench seating in the center and rear rows for 6 or 7 passengers

  • All-wheel Drive (AWD / 4x4), which is required for Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
  • All-season Tires in Summer;
    Snow Tires in Winter
  • Seat belts for up to 7 passengers besides driver
  • Front / Side Air Bags
  • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

The Full-size SUV is our high-value offering for individuals and couples.

Most vehicles in this class are Chevrolet Suburban LTs.

We reserve the right to substitute a more expensive vehicle type in order to serve you better as appropriate or necessitated by logistical considerations.

Luxury SUV
Full-size Luxury SUV
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Smoke-free Climate Control
  • Premium Sound System with Sirius XM
  • All-wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Charging Ports for Apple and Android
  • A/C plug
  • Fiji Water & Drink holders
  • Screens with DVD players on back of each of the front seat
  • Massage chair in front passenger seat
  • Heated captains chairs in center row

  • Black Leather seats
  • Spacious legroom
  • Seats up to 6 with luggage comfortably

  • All-wheel Drive (AWD / 4x4) and winter tires as required to reach Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
  • Seat belts for up to 6 passengers besides driver
  • Front / Side Air Bags
  • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

The Luxury SUV is our high-value offering for individuals and couples desiring the excellence and luxury offered by Lincoln or Cadillac.

Vehicles in this class we will dispatch are typically Lincoln Navigator L Reserve or Cadillac Escalade Platinum ESVs.

Our Full-size Luxury SUVs have AWD and are capable of safely transporting you up the canyons to Park City, Deer Valley, and Ski Resorts.

The Full-size Luxury SUV is a popular vehicle during the Sundance Film Festival, so early reservations are recommended.

Ford Transit Van
Transit Van
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Smoke-free Climate Control
  • Spacious interior with plenty of room for up to 14 passengers and luggage
  • Fiji water
  • Other amenities available upon request

  • Spacious legroom
  • Seats up to 14 with luggage comfortably

  • Winter tires as required for Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
  • Seat belts for up to 14 passengers besides driver
  • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

The Ford Transit Van is our budget offering for chartered ground transportation for families and groups.

We reserve the right to dispatch a more expensive vehicle type as appropriate based on logistical considerations.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van
FeaturesSeatingSafetyPlease Consider

  • Great for families and groups
  • Side boarding with executive-grade seating
  • Smoke-free Climate Control
  • WiFi
  • Bottled water
  • Other amenities available upon request
    • Spacious legroom
    • Seats up to 14 with luggage comfortably

    • All-wheel Drive (AWD / 4x4) with winter tires as required for Park City or Ski Resorts during winter
    • Seat belts for up to 14 passengers besides driver
    • Child seats available upon request for nominal fee.

    The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van is our best offering for chartered ground transportation for groups and families

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