Fair Fares™

Fair To Our Clients; Fair to Our Chauffeurs.

Utah Private Car Service

We offer Fair Fares™

This means that:

  • Our fares are fare to you. You only pay for the value you receive - no hidden charges and mandatory gratuities like you get with all-in fares.Our competitive rates and fares are generally lower than Uber's Black Car or SUV rates even though we offer better vehicles and superior drivers. Our fares are generally in the sweet spot for the highest value (considering the quality of the service, vehicles, drivers, and rides) compared to local competition.
  • Our fares are fair for our drivers. You get proven, experienced, reliable drivers. The best drivers in Utah prefer driving for us because they know they'll never have to face a conflict of interest between what's best for you and what's best for them.

Even though our fares may be comparable, the Utah Private Car Experience™ is incomparable, with these distinguishing features:

  • Safety and reliability. We'll never compromise when it comes to your safety and trust.
  • World-class chauffeurs who are knowledgeable, helpful, experienced, and responsive. We find and train the best of the best.
  • Only the most experienced, reliable drivers are qualified to drive for Utah Private Car.
  • No mandatory gratuities. Tip in cash and we won't charge your card for the gratuity. If carrying cash isn't your thing, no worries. We'll charge your card the standard 20% automatically after any ride with no cash tip.
  • High-value rides with the standard amenities and optional luxury amenities. Other limo service providers call a Chevy Suburban a "luxury SUV." We call it a Full-size SUV. A Luxury SUV is a Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum or a Tesla Model X SUV.
  • We allow enough time between rides to accommodate stops if you request. All charges for unscheduled changes you make are reasonable, e.g. $25 per stop and a 15 minute grace period before wait time charges apply (30 minutes on airport pickups)
  • No unpredictable surge pricing We offer fares and scheduling you can count on in advance.
  • State-of-the-art software that easily facilitates flight-tracking, communications via texts and e-mail, and confirmations, receipts, and accurate billing.

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To get a quote for any other Service Type, such as a Tour, or Concierge VIP Services, just click on the Quotes and Reservations button and then provide us the number of hours you expect to need us, and click on the Next Step button to see a list of vehicle types available.

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