Terms of Service

Utah Private Car Service


For all rides originating at an Airport or FBO, assuming you have provided us with your Flight # or Tail #, we track your flight and adjust pickup times accordingly. Driver wait time charges may apply when arrival times change after the driver has left for the pickup and the half-hour grace period after the originally scheduled arrival time has expired before you’re onboard.


Typically, we advise our clients to schedule a Park City, Deer Valley, Ogden, or Utah Valley pickup about 2 hours and 15 minutes prior to your flight departure time. A Salt Lake Valley pickup should be 2 hours before scheduled departure, and a Downtown Salt Lake pickup can be 90 minutes before departure time. SLC Airport is very efficient, so it’s very rare that the time from your time between drop-off at the airport and arriving at the gate exceeds 1 hour, even with large families or small children and no TSA Pre-check. So arriving at the airport 75 minutes before domestic departures or 100 minutes before international departures should be comfortable for you.


If you ordered Curbside pickup or Curbside Meet & Greet, you will receive a text before you land providing you with the staging status and contact information for your chauffeur and inviting you to call them to coordinate pickup. In most cases, curbside pickup will be on the ground level in the Limo pickup area between pillars 5A and 6A on the ground level just outside the doors at the bottom of the escalator from Baggage Claim, but your driver may notify you that they are in the Short-term Parking Garage on the same floor as Baggage Claim if conditions or crowds warrant it. We also reserve the right to change any Curbside Pickup to a complementary Inside Meet-and-Greet at our discretion, in which case we will text you about the change(s).


If you ordered the optional Curbside Meet-and-Greet, your chauffeur and/or vehicle will provide a sign with your name or company name on it to help you find your vehicle and chauffeur at the curbside loading area for limos. See additional details for Curbside Pickup above. This service is $15. In the case of multiple flights arriving, please consider an Inside Meet & Greet, since the curbside boarding area where your chauffeur will meet you is for active loading only.


If you ordered the optional Inside Meet-and-Greet, your chauffeur will be holding a sign with your name or company name on it near the corridor leading to the white artistic pillars as you approach the Baggage Claim area (or near your carousel), and will take you and your bags to the vehicle in the Short-term Parking Garage on the same level just a short walk away from Baggage Claim. A cart or carts are included in the Meet & Greet fee and will be provided when there are more than a few bags or upon request. This service is $30 per arriving flight.


Our basic fares are based on off-peak, off-season minimum fares for the SLC transfer or hourly ride requested. All surcharges and the gratuity are based on this fare plus any applicable Meet & Greet charge but do not include fees in the calculation.


All fares (except Passenger Van rides) are quoted exclusive of gratuity. Unless you tip at least the standard 20% gratuity in cash or call us at (435) 200-3186 to inform us of a defect in our service, we will, for your convenience, add a 20% gratuity in addition to the fare when your ride is completed. The 20% gratuity is mandatory on Passenger Van rides, so all cash tips for such rides are considered to be an extra gratuity.

If you would like to charge the standard gratuity in addition to tipping your driver extra in cash for superior service, just tell the driver that the cash tip is “extra” or “for you.” You can also tell the driver any amount or percentage you would like charged to your card as a gratuity, or text or call us at (435) 200-3186 with any specific tip request. In those cases where it is questionable whether your cash tip was meant to be the entire tip or extra, we will use our judgment but will typically give you the benefit of any doubt about whether your intentions are gracious and generous.


All rides that do not originate or end at SLC or its FBOs are Hourly-As-Directed rides with hourly fares that are timed based on a Garage-Out to Garage-In policy where the Garage is considered to be the SLC Airport, and travel time to get to and from the pickup and dropoff locations is included in the chargeable hours. Hourly fares are charged by the minute on a pro-rata basis, with a minimum of 1.5 chargeable hours. Some rides may be less than the 1.5 hours to ensure our fares are fair.


We collect a nominal charge, currently $6, to cover the SLC airport AVI fee on airport rides, and a non-refundable booking and administration fee of $24 on each ride. These fees (but not gratuities) are included in our price quotes.


We’re happy to make extra stops for you at $25 each. Wait time charges may apply after 15 minutes.


On rides that are not “Hourly As Directed,” we reserve the right to compensate our owner-operator drivers for wait time or excess time charges of $100 / hour, at our discretion, beginning 15 minutes after a stop, or 30 minutes after your plane lands, or if there is excessive traffic, construction, or road closures that result in significant delays on the trip. Wait times are charged by the minute on a pro-rata basis for each applicable period.


The cost of an Inside Meet & Greet is $30, which includes airport parking and baggage cart or other chauffeur assistance with luggage. The cost of a Curbside Meet & Greet is $15, which compensates the chauffeur to the extra time spent curbside outside the vehicle with a sign.


To keep our base fares as low as possible and the overall fares we charge as competitive in the local market as possible, we use dynamic pricing (similar to what hotels and airlines use) and may apply various surcharges to individual rides in order to align our interests and the interests of our independent chauffeurs with your best interests as closely as possible.


We reserve the right to apply a peak time surcharge of up to 15% of the Fair Fare during the months of December through March inclusive; and an additional surcharge up to 25% from the day before through the day after special events such as the Sundance Film Festival that cause a huge surge in demand for the private car services we provide.


Reservations for travel that require drivers to lose sleep (where service is provided after midnight and prior to 7:30am) on any given day are subject to a 24% surcharge.


Reservations made for pickup during peak holiday travel periods are subject to an additional 15% surcharge.


If conditions (such as severe weather, accidents, flight delays, etc.) on rides that are not Hourly As Directed were such that the driver suffers economic harm, we reserve the right to apply a surcharge not to exceed 20%.


If you would like to change pickup times for any reason during the day of the scheduled pickup time, please call your assigned driver at the number provided via SMS text the day prior to scheduled pickup. If your driver is able to accommodate you, there is no need to contact dispatch and there will be no charge for the change. If your driver is unable to accommodate you, please call dispatch at 801-830-3371 to reschedule. Rescheduled rides are a $25 Late Change Fee but no cancellation fees.


You assume full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by any member of your party. A fee of $1,000.00 will apply to damage to leather seats, or $400 for damage to the carpet. The sanitation fee for body fluids is $250.00.


We have no per-person or per-bag fees; all or our fares and fees are based on time or distance, vehicle class, service offerings, fees incurred, and/or peak or off-hour surcharges. The seating capacity for each vehicle in our fleet communicated at the time of reservation is based on the availability of seat-belts; vehicles cannot be loaded beyond the listed seating capacity of the vehicle ordered. All SUVs are the long or extended versions of their vehicle class. We will make every effort to accommodate all of your luggage, but we may need to order another vehicle at your expense if the load exceeds the capacity of the vehicle dispatched.


All cancellations must be made by calling (435) 200-3186. Cancellations made by e-mail or text cannot be honored due to the potential time sensitivity of cancellation requests and the possibility that your e-mail might not be received or seen and drivers will attempt to pick you up as scheduled.

If you reschedule your ride before 2 hours before the scheduled pickup time, or because of published flight changes, we will waive the cancellation fee and charge only a $25 late change fee. These changes may be communicated directly to your chauffeur, who will notify dispatch.


Any ride may be canceled at any time up to 24 hours before pickup at no additional charge other than the $24 non-refundable administration fee.


If you cancel a reservation within 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time for any reason, but before 2 hours before the pickup time, we reserve the right to charge a $100 cancellation fee to help us cover the costs of dedicating resources to the ride and honoring our commitments to our owner/operator chauffeurs.

All cancellations made within 2 hours of scheduled pickup, including “No-show cancellations” (See below) will be charged the full cost of the ride as if it was completed, including gratuity, surcharges, and fees actually incurred.


Because reliability is so important to us, we need your understanding about the importance of notifying us ASAP about change to your plans that change your need for the ride you scheduled. You will be considered a “No-Show” if a chauffeur is not able to contact you within 45 minutes of the scheduled pickup time or when your flight arrives, whichever is later, and you have not properly canceled your ride or made alternative arrangements with your chauffeur at least 2 hours before the scheduled pickup. You agree to pay full fare for No Show cancellations, as if the ride were completed, including fees, gratuity and surcharges.


The non-refundable deposit of $24 may be charged anytime after you make a reservation. All other balances are due and payable 24 hours prior to the pickup time. However, for your convenience and ours, most charges are made after the run is complete. This gives you maximum flexibility to tip as you please or request changes to the ride and still see only one charge per ride on your card.


We take our responsibilities under this agreement seriously and ask that you do as well. These terms and conditions should be considered to be binding on us and on you as a condition of you making a reservation with us. Please review these conditions and show the same respect for us that we do for you by contacting us before contacting your bank with a chargeback request. Thank you!



We’ll monitor inclement weather for you and notify you in advance if we believe that an earlier departure time is advisable. We only run vehicles with All-Wheel-Drive during winter months, and always assign vehicles with snow tires on rides where they might be required. We make every effort to get you where you are going safely and on-time, but you accept full responsibility for any delays or other disruptions that are outside of our control, including unsafe road conditions, accidents, traffic conditions, road closures, fog, acts of God, travel disruptions, or any other unanticipated causes. This includes the extremely rare times when the driver is unable to reach you at the pickup location or deliver you to the drop-off location after making every reasonable effort. Be aware that even if you are aware of road or canyon closures, not boarding your reserved vehicle as scheduled does not give you the right to cancel within the 24-hour window without penalty, so please be prepared to provide us with alternative arrangements for a later pickup or an alternate destination.


We scrupulously maintain our vehicles and screen and train our chauffeurs; but we are nonetheless not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown, tire blowout, or any accident while on charter. In such an event, however, we will, at your request, make every reasonable effort to quickly find alternative transportation to deliver you to your destination in as timely a manner as possible, and we will not charge for the ride unless we are able to get you to your destination on time.


Smoking is not permitted in any of our limousines, so please ask if you need to smoke. We will make accommodation by stopping for a 10-minute smoking break without extra charge.


Alcohol consumption and drug use while in the vehicle is prohibited by law. Utah has an open container law, so please don’t ask the driver if you can drink while he’s driving. Any such fines levied will be your responsibility, and you must notify the officer of this notification and the fact that you were violating the law without the knowledge of the driver. According to state law, we are unable to provide alcohol, however, we can add a stop for you at a State Liquor Store. See EXTRA STOPS above.


The driver has the right to terminate the ride without refund if there is blatant indiscretion, sexual harassment or solicitation, expressions of racism, smoking or drinking in the vehicle, or any other patently offensive or illegal behavior on the part of the client(s). It is illegal in Utah to litter, have an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, stand through the sunroof, or hand anything out of the window to someone on the street.


We are not responsible for articles left in the limousine, even though we will make reasonable efforts to return them. Please be aware that we sometimes find items under the seat the next day and have no way of knowing which of our clients may have left the items, and we choose not to bother other clients to try to identify the owner of lost items if there is any doubt. So please be sure you have everything when you leave the vehicle. If you left something in the vehicle you would like to have returned, just call us to approve a nominal shipping & handling fee and we’ll make every effort to find it and send it to you according to your instructions.