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2017 Solar Eclipse Adventure Tour

Unforgettable Total Eclipse Tour
You Get to Salt Lake City or Park City before Saturday, August 19th, and we’ll pick you up and take you to where you can enjoy 2 minutes and 18.2 seconds of TOTALITY!
Best Viewing Location
We’ve arranged no-worry camping within a mile of the centerline. This is the area projected by the National Weather Service to have the best chance of a clear sky in the entire USA – and current forecasts are for clear skies. If 2:16.7 seconds of totality at the campsite isn’t good enough, we’ll drive you and your party to the centerline on the morning of the 21st. That will give you an additional one and one-half seconds of the most thrilling experience nature has to offer.
Safety-First Luxury Vehicles
You’ll be driving in style in a black car luxury SUV with full amenities.
Worth Every Penny
Looking for the least expensive way to get to the solar eclipse centerline, including accommodations? Call us for a-la-carte pricing on an 4-day 3-night adventure tour from Salt Lake City for 1 through 4. Starting at $1,000 for up to 4.
More Adventure Than Tour
Your adventure starts on your choice of dates and times between Friday, August 18th,  and no later than Sunday morning, August 20th. We’ll pick you up anytime and anywhere you choose – at SLC, in Salt Lake City, or at Park City. We’ll be taking you on the scenic backroads of Utah and Idaho, early enough to avoid the most serious of the traffic expected on Sunday. You can anticipate a scenic and enjoyable trip.
Concierge Tour-Guide Chauffeur
Knowledgeable. Helpful. Friendly. Experienced. Obviously, chauffeurs like these are in limited supply, which is why we encourage you to act quickly to let us know to hold one of our few arranged spots for you and any loved ones you’ll be traveling with.
Indulge Yourself
We’ll treat you to an authentic American West adventure. Natural beauty. Rugged individualism. Roughing it – In Style. The best in Dutch oven cooking. Sharp eyes might even see buffalo, deer, elk, bears, eagles, wolves, or even mountain lions. Oh – did we mention 2 minutes and 18 seconds of a total eclipse of the sun?

You Can Trust Affinity

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The Affinity 2017 Total Eclipse Tour

A Unique and Unforgettable Experience Awaits a Chosen Few.

This solar eclipse tour has been customized for a discerning – but adventurous – clientele.

Salt Lake City

We’ll start your adventure anytime you choose between Friday, August 18th and Sunday, August 20th, before 8am. We highly recommend not waiting until Sunday.  We’ll pick you up anywhere in Salt Lake City or Park City. To avoid the crowds and I-15 traffic, we’ll take you to Idaho on the little-known scenic backroads that spell beauty and adventure. Lakes, forests, and wildlife await. No hurries, no worries

We’ll provide the drinks and snacks and plenty of stops on your ride.



If you choose the camping option, we’ve reserved the campsite for 4 nights – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We’ll provide the campsite, campfire, tent, air mattress, bedding, pillows, and lantern for late-night reading – assuming you won’t spend every second you can stargazing. We’ll even bring some of our favorite games to play during the down times.  Remember – according to one study, the happiest families in the American West are those who go camping together. So we expect everyone to be friends before we’ve said our last farewells.

If you choose the meal option, we’ll feed you whenever you please along the way, whether at the places we like or the places the locals recommend. Every meal will be an adventure of discovery for authentic dining in the American West. At the campsite, we’ve arranged a few of the meals to be Dutch oven cooking so delicious you won’t believe it came out of a thick black pot using recipes and methods handed down by our pioneer forefathers.

Otherwise, you’re on your own for meals and food.  In either case, it’s BYOB.

Scenic Route

Speaking of adventure, getting there is half the fun. We won’t be rushed, and will stop often to let you enjoy the views, take pictures, and learn the local stories.  Taking the backroads adds a couple of hours to the trip; but we should still be getting to our campsite in time to set up camp and enjoy the sunset.

Once we arrive, we’ll drop you off at our campsite if you’ve chosen the camping option, or at the address of your choice anywhere in the Idaho Falls, Rigby, or Rexburg area. Or further for an extra cost.  And pick you up in the same location on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning for the return ride home.

Private Chauffeur Luxury Tour Destination - Utah Valley, Provo, Canyon, Sundance, BYU

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Then, the Monday morning we’ve all been waiting for.  August 21, 2017.

We’ll have left early to make sure you’ll be where all those who have ever seen a total eclipse, and millions who haven’t, want to be.

We’ll start the morning with a full homemade American West breakfast at the campsite, prepared by our hosts – an Idaho family with a farm they’re sharing so more of us can see the total eclipse near the center. Less than a mile away is the centerline of the eclipse. Around 9:30am, we’ll take anyone in our party who wants to go to what we expect to be a relatively uncrowded part of the centerline. Or you can stay in the campground and enjoy the eclipse with hundreds of other revelers.

The Thrill of a Lifetime

 AM at the camp.
10:15:34.1 AM at the centerline.
We’ll have solar eclipse glasses for you so you can enjoy the spectacle from the beginning.

In the moments leading up to C2, we all hope to see shadow bands, the diamond ring, and Bailey’s beads.

11:33:10.0 AM at the camp.
11:33:05.8 AM at the centerline.
This is when you’ll take the glasses off to take in the totality of the experience for which there are no words.

AM at the camp.
11:34:14.8 AM at the centerline.
You’ve seen it all. Now’s your chance to see it repeated on the other side.


11:35:25 AM at the camp.
11:35:22 AM at the centerline.
Your glasses need to be back on no later than a few seconds before the end of totality so you’re not blinded by the Diamond Ring and re-appearance of the sun.

AM at the camp.
11:35:23.9 AM at the centerline.
The total eclipse is over. Let the whooping and hollering begin!

12:58:15.3 PM at the campsite.
12:58:14.1 PM at the centerline.
The eclipse is over. Your awe and wonder over what you’ve just seen has only just begun.

After The Thrill Is Gone

Once we’ll have been transformed to eclipse chasers, it’s time to prepare for the April 8, 2024 Total Eclipse that will cross America from Texas to Maine.  Or the August 12, 2045 Total Eclipse that will again cross America from West to East, this time bathing Utah in the totality.

In the afternoon, we can either just let the crowds start home and disperse while we relax and share conversation back at the camp, or take down the tents and head home in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Of course, you have a chauffeur – just bring your favorite DVDs and be prepared for a late night or next day arrival.

That evening will be our last night at the campground, around a campfire. If you didn’t get your fill of stargazing, now’s your chance to continue your communion with nature – there’s not as much ambient light in these parts of Idaho. We’ll bring binoculars and a telescope.

The next morning, we’ll start home, perhaps going a different route if that’s what passengers choose.  We should be dropping our newfound friends back in Salt Lake City or Park City – at the locations of your choosing – in the late afternoon or early evening.

Our Promises

We take reliable service seriously.

We promise to do everything within our power to deliver quality service and ensure your expectations are met or exceeded – the first time and every time you book with Affinity.

Call now to guarantee that you won't miss out on this last-minute chance of a lifetime!

We have very limited availability - first-come, first-serve.

A la Carte Rates for this Experience of a Lifetime:

  • $250: Per person for a luxury SUV for a party of up to 4, for:
    • Transportation each way from and returning to anywhere in Salt Lake or Park City to the centerline of the eclipse path, following the scenic route through northern Utah and southeast Idaho. We should plan to leave Saturday or no later than Sunday morning.
    • Knowledgeable, friendly chauffeur / tour guide
    • Full Amenities while traveling, including WiFi (when in Verizon cell phone coverage areas), DVD, premium sound system, climate control, full safety features, space for 1 full bag per person + backpack or personal bag, and more.
    • $250 Surcharge to Make It a Private Car for a party of 2, $500 for a party of 1
  • $500: Luxury Accommodations for up to 4 nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday nights) for your party.
    • Just kidding about the “Luxury” part. Hotels within 200 miles of the eclipse centerline have been sold out for months. What we can provide is a memorable “back-to-nature” camping experience w/tents, tarps, air mattresses, sleeping bags / bedding, lighting, and pillows all provided. Amazing stargazing, campfire festivities, porta-potties nearby, cold water, smores fixings, and a home-cooked, full Western breakfast Sunday and Monday included at no extra charge.
  • $225: Per person for all meals, deluxe snacks, and cold drinks while on this adventure with us.
    • This is offered for your convenience only, we’re happy if you’d rather pay your own way as we go and stop at your leisure. The campsite has meal options, even in the off chance that traffic prevents travel into nearby Rexburg.
  • BYOB: We’ll even stop for you so you can buy your own if you’d like.
  • UberSUV at UberSELECT Rates: If you would like one of our drivers to take you somewhere after we get to the campsite.

Call Us to Check Availability for Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Tour

If you have any questions or wish to schedule one or more spots on this exclusive tour, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime. You can tell us all about any special needs or desires you might have, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate. Call now to guarantee yourself the unforgettable experience of a lifetime!